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Broken Frontier Reviews Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead #3

Thanks go out to Kris Bather for his advance review of Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead #3. The comic comes out this week.

“Pugh has handled Hotwire beautifully with every issue. Sure, it’s based on initial story ideas by Warren Ellis, but this is Pugh’s show. He fleshes out enough of the characters around Hotwire so that she doesn’t steal the show, but also manages to make her a loveable bad girl with real humanity and heroism. The last time I was this much in love with a fictional character was when I started reading X-Men in high school and saw Jim Lee’s Psylocke for the first time. Of course, the way Steve Pugh lusciously renders Alice Hotwire, it’s easy to be pleasantly distracted. Every page is a work of art and you may very well find yourself gazing at the pages longer than the story requires of you. He also lays out the pages and designs all the vehicles and gadgets with great flair.

Pugh really knows how to pace a comic. Every issue thus far has been a grand build up of set pieces culminating in a page, or two, or three that leap directly into the eyeballs and demand to be made into posters for the bedroom wall. This penultimate issue has a few such moments, but I won’t spoil them.

Too often series like this with a grand concept start with a bang and dissolve into a whimper. Hotwire is a glorious exception and is simply excitement unleashed. It’s also a movie begging to be made. With the success Radical have had already with Hollywood interest, I hope Hotwire will be next in line.”


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