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AICN Reviews Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising #1, #2

“Radical Comics’ new [...] miniseries, SHRAPNEL, is a multi-layered commentary on military and politics set in a future that is not very different from our own reality, and that’s what makes it so damn scary. It is altogether plausible that this is what we have in store for us in the future if we are lucky enough not to kill each other before then. In SHRAPNEL, instead of warring nations, we have warring planets in our solar system. Planets break away from a universal union. The military shows its force in the form of big, giant robots of some very cool designs. And politics go on as usual, except instead of men in suits and military uniforms playing with the lives of entire countries, they gamble with the lives of whole planets. This is a large scale saga, fitting for the son of Carl Sagan, Nick Sagan, to tackle and prove that he was taking notes from his sci fi pioneer of a pop. Writing credits also go to Mark Long and M. Zachary Sherman (a former marine, whose experience shows in the authentic style of writing the military). As usual from Radical, the art is superb. There are some scenes where marines battle large tank machines battle big giant robots that clang and blast right off the page and into your lap (watch the nads, ya bucket of bolts!). I’d say this was another winner from Radical, but it’s the reader who is the real winner here with an intense and intelligent story partnered with art that makes your eyes drool. SHRAPNEL #1 will be available January 7th. Don’t miss it.”

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