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Ain’t It Cool News Praises Hercules: The Thracian Wars #3 and Caliber: First Canon of Justice #3

This review of both issue #3 of Hercules: The Thracian Wars and Caliber: First Canon of Justice is so good, I feel the entire review should be posted here. Thank you very much, Ambush Bug, for the great review.

“This is the third month of product from Radical and the quality has yet to falter. HERCULES continues to be an exciting yarn that mixes mythology with historical facts while CALIBER is turning out to be quite a surprise in its own right. What I like about the two books is that they show a good range of storytelling: one a more in your face action yarn, the other a slow burner of a story that definitely has a specific destination it’s heading in. CALIBER is as much a Western story as it is a clever re-imagining of the King Arthur legend with an enchanted gun taking place of the famous sword. As Young Arthur gathers his knights and tries to figure out the reasons why he and only he can operate the enchanted gun, insidious forces are brewing to come into conflict with him soon. HERCULES has everything one would want in a barbarian comic: action, bloodshed, and weapons clashing with weapons. The panel depicting Hercules’ berserker rage is simply amazing with human parts strewn skyward in all directions followed by waves of blood. Unlike Marvel and DC’s versions of Herc, this one is set firmly in ancient times as Herc is experiencing his legendary adventures rather than remembering them as he does in those other books. This adds its own distinct take on a character that has proven to stand the test of time in comics. It’d be a sin not to mention the art. Both books are lushly painted with top notch craftsmanship. HERCULES‘ art is more rugged and raw, while CALIBER’s panels are more softly painted and eloquent. High quality art and diverse storytelling is proving to be the standard at Radical. I look forward to seeing more product from this impressive new publisher.”

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