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Ain’t It Cool News Reviews Hercules: The Thracian Wars #2


The main difference between this book and the rest of the Hercs in comics these days is that this tale is set in ancient times. This opens up a whole new arena for basically the same character to romp around in. In this miniseries by Steve Moore, Herc is still loud and quick to enter a scuffle, but he’s also the semi-leader of a pack of warriors that stumble into a situation where they find themselves way over their heads. Conned into training an inexperienced army how to do battle, Herc and his warriors do what they must to survive. Sure, eventually the conniving army leader will get what’s coming to him and I can’t wait until Herc blasts him with his giant Captain Caveman club, but I’m enjoying the ride. Moore takes his time focusing on the back story of Herc’s warriors (this issue focuses on Atalanta) and adding fighting tips here and there, which may prove useful next time I do battle with an ancient army. Admira Wijaya provides vivid art, making all the characters distinguishable from one another (although a recap box may help to keep all of these tricky names straight). Wijaya also does a great job of drawing massive scenes of carnage and scores of people battling one another–a useful skill in a comic like HERCULES. Moore’s attention to historical detail is noticed and appreciated here and he makes this series stand out from your typical barbarian fare. – Ambush Bug

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