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Bloody Good Horror Reviews Hotwire, Features Radical at NYCC ’09

Couple of great articles from Bloody Good Horror. First article is a great review of Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead #1 and the second involves the guys meeting Steve Pugh and Steve Niles at the Radical booth.

“In comics, it is rare to find a compelling female character who is exceptionally intelligent but has also retained her femininity. Hotwire is one of those rare characters. Hotwire is interesting enough of a character to bring me back next month. Hopefully then, we will get to see what is behind the rise in ghost activity. Besides that, the world Hotwire inhabits is interesting enough to keep me buying the rest of the issues, until this mini-series is over.”

“That is the beauty of this type of event, walking down the aisles you can strike up a conversation with artists and writers, who have worked for months to get their first issue ready for the Con, and then walking down that same aisle you can run into someone like Horror Comics superstar, Steve Niles. Niles was signing copies of his book CITY OF DUST along with HOTWIRE co-creator and artist Steve Pugh. I interviewed both Niles and Pugh, using a ghetto tape recorder, and then proceeded to take a picture of both of them with a disposable camera. Alas, a $12 camera yielded $12 results and that picture came out too dark to post here.

If you are interested in reading my Steve Niles and Steve Pugh interviews, as well as interviews with the Scare Tactix Graphix crew, check out my upcoming blog posts.

Niles and Pugh were sitting at the Radical Comics both which was also the first time the company had a booth at NY Comic Con. The Radical crew members were walking around with their heads held high. This was for two reasons. The first being that Radical was just awarded ‘New Comic Publisher of the Year’ for 2008 by Diamond Comics Distribution, the major comics distributor in North America. The second being that many of the books put out by Radical have been optioned for films.”

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