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Different Podcast, this time from This time they review Radical Publishing’s Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising #1. For those that don’t wish to hear the podcast but know what the reviews were, you can check out Bob Bretail’s blog link also.



Radical Comics: Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising #1

(W: M. Zachary Sherman, A: Bagus Hutomo)

Bob: 5/5 John: 4/5

$1.99 ā€“ 48 pgs ā€“ 4.1 cents/page (color) Wow!

“What a great book! Radical hits another one out of the park with this 48 page premiere issue to get people on board at a very reasonable cost. This has beautiful art and a great sci-fi story set on Venus (the Switzerland of the Solar System) when the more oppressive government running most of the rest of the solar system is getting ready to swoop in & take over. Our heroes are set to defend Venus. 48 pages was a good idea, as it gave enough story to get the ball rolling and really get me into the tale, Iā€™m really looking forward to #2 now.”

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