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Comics And… Reviews Hercules: The Thracian Wars #2 and More

Thank you very much, Jim, for giving Hercules another stunning review. Also love the write up in this week’s releases.

“Grade: A. Hercules delivers power, action, adventure, dynamite art and story.

Don’t forget to pick up Caliber #2 – This is a strong book also and the re-telling of Camelot in the old west is as good as Hercules.”

Hercules: The Thracian Wars #2

“This is the other new series from Radical comics. The first issue was terrific and I see no reason why issue #2 will not be as good. Seriously, you need to go to your store and demand a copy of this book.”

Caliber: First Canon of Justice #2

“This is the second issue of a series from new publisher Radical comics. In my many years of reading and collecting comics, I have seen many publishers come and go, but these guys I hope will make it as they have been a class act from the jump. Giving fans a #1 issue on both of their new series for just a dollar and it was a full size comic in a prestige format. Of course, it needed to be a good story with good art and they more than delivered.”

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