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Comics Waiting Room Reviews Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead #3

“Steve Pugh and Warren Ellis have created an enormously intelligent idea rife with sass, science fiction, and a sexy leading lady who is impossible to ignore. Given the fact Pugh both writes and illustrates this jaw-dropping, wild ride of a book, it is a wonder how he manages to both spin such a smart story while also creating some of the most stellar artwork ever seen in a comic. The cosmic blend of neon and pastel colors draped over nightmarishly original images of walking skeletons wrapped in crackling energy and metal spiders hungering for fresh meat draws you in, clouding your vision until all you see are the stunning visuals and sharp wit of HOTWIRE. Ending with our heroine’s life in jeopardy, issue three of this must-read has efficiently built suspense for what should be one hell of a conclusion.”


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