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Diamond Gives the Scoop on Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising #4

Diamond’s The Scoop has this to say regarding the recently released 4th issue of Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising.

Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising become one of our regular ‘must read’ series after just two issues, and this one just reaffirms that view. With healthy doses of Halo, Starship Troopers, Roman legions and epic storytelling, the story of Samantha Vijaya, former war hero and formerly one of Earth’s elite Marines, continues to explode with tension and all-out action. The series was created by Mark Long and Nick Sagan, and it’s written by M. Zachary Sherman and illustrated by Bagus Hutomo. If you’ve missed the previous issues, don’t wait for the collected edition. Hunt them down and read them now.”

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