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Hypergeek Hypes the Latest Issue of Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead

Great review– not only praises issue #3, but points out a good reason for picking up any Radical comic: our low prices!

“If you couldn’t tell from everything said above, I REALLY like this book Pugh has done an amazing job on both the art and writing fronts. As if this wasn’t enough, he even letters the damn book! What a ridiculously talented individual! You should rush out and buy this issue of Hotwire, it is sure to be one of the best things coming out this week. While you are at the store, have a look for the first 2 issues, they are also great comics, and are only priced at $2.99. Most small publishing houses are pricing their books at $3.99 + now, due to the harsh economy, but Radical seem to be keeping their prices nice and low. That extra dollar in my wallet feels really good!

Hotwire is only one of the great Sci-Fi comics that Radical Comics have out at the moment, and I would also recommend that you also look up Shrapnel and City of Dust, both wonderful books. I’m from the UK originally, and and have been reading 2000 AD since I was a child. It is the gold standard to which I compare all other science fiction comic books. Hotwire and the other series mentioned, compare amazingly well to the “galaxies’ greatest.” Hopefully Radical will continue to publish more great science fiction comics, they certainly have an eye for greatness!”

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