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I’m So Freakin’ Cool! Praises Hotwire #2

Brikhed’s blog, “I’m So Freakin’ Cool!,” had this to say. Love the fact that his only complaint is that all our covers are too good to pick from. Life can be so very hard.

“Two issues into the miniseries and this book has hit a home run both times. My only complaint is that like many of the smaller publishers these days, there are three covers to choose from on this issue and it was a hard choice because they are all so good. Radical is relatively new to the marketplace and I am not sure how they will be about collecting their miniseries into trades, but if you get a chance and are looking for something a little different, this is one heck of a book where it is hard to go wrong and best yet, $2.99 is the cover price. That is unheard of these days from one of the little guys.”

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