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Freedom Formula Pleasantly Surprises the Philadelphia Daily News

“But Freedom Formula ups the ante. It takes a simple concept – man’s “need for speed” – and adds some sci-fi elements. The results should not only appeal to fans of movies like The Road Warrior, but to anyone whose breath was taken away by Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt or whose heart gets pumping faster during a NASCAR or Formula One race. In short, the race scenes are fast, furious, kinetic and majestic.”

“Forget cardstock covers. Radical has published Freedom Formula No. 1 in what is known as “prestige format.” That means everything from the cover to the pages are smoother and slicker. Prestige format books usually go for $4.99 or higher but Radical is selling Freedom Formula No. 1 for $2.99 – the regular price for a Marvel or DC book.”

“That said, Freedom Formula No. 1 ranks as one of Comics Guy’s most pleasant surprises of the year.”;!category=features;&randomOrd=090208120829

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