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Radical Featured in Atomic Weekly Report # 820

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Atomic Weekly Report # 820 week ending 05/25/08

“As for the other publishers whose offices I may or may not have infiltrated thanks to my mastery of ninjutsu, they’ll be bringing us such fine books as Caliber #2 and Hercules #2 from Radical Comics, Fathom #0, Dan Dare #6, Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull #2, Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter #3, Mummy Movie Prequel: Rise & Fall #2, Return to Wonderland hard cover. A fat shipping list like that will also mean a huge Diamond bill, which will also have Previews and Wizard tacked onto it, so please go help out your local retailer this week by heading down to the store and grabbing a few comics. Too busy to hit the store in person? Lucky for you we have our website,, where you can order and have them shipped to you by the weekend!”

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