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Radical’s Shrapnel an Explosive Hit with the Critics

Radical’s Shrapnel an explosive hit with the critics

January 28th, 2009 – Released in early January, Radical Publishing’s newest title, SHRAPNEL: ARISTEIA RISING, has quickly garnered rave attention from retailers, reviewers and fans.

Co-created by Mark Long and Nick SaganSHRAPNEL represents Radical’s biggest publishing commitment to date, with the first of three miniseries, ARISTEIA RISING, written by M. Zachary Sherman and painted by Bagus Hutomo. The Jan. 19 edition of the Philadelphia Daily News offers glowing support for the series, concluding: “If you want a book that’s different, with a heroine to root for, that reads and looks like a film and that packs a whopping 48 pages in between its covers for only $1.99, SHRAPNEL: ARISTEIA RISING No. 1 is for you.”

“We made our biggest commitment to release SHRAPNEL, and I’m just as excited about the series now as when Mark and Nick first showed it to me,” says Radical Publishing’s President and Publisher Barry Levine. “The overwhelming response from just the first issue is amazing. And from having read the story, I know that readers are going to want to stay with this for the long haul.”

“The reaction to the book, for me at least, was completely unexpected,” Sherman adds. “I’m very excited to see the response that it’s getting. Mark and Nick’s vision of a dystopian future with a universe at war was one I saw in my head immediately, and it’s been a pleasure to contribute to that.”

Other reviews for SHRAPNEL: ARISTEIA RISING include:

“Hardcore science fictions fan should not miss this.” –IGN

“Intense and intelligent story partnered with art that makes your eyes drool.” –Ain’t It Cool News

“It is, in a word, epic.” –The Scoop

“What a great book! Radical hits another one out of the park with this 48-page premiere issue.” –Comic Book Page

“Overall Grade: A. SHRAPNEL delivers a high octane future war story with characters that you want to know. Run out to your local store and get this book.” –Comics And…

“Honestly, this is one the best books I’ve reviewed.” –Comics Bulletin

“SHRAPNEL epitomizes everything that sci-fi comics should be.” –Twelve Fingers

“This is a great beginning to a sci-fi comic series.” –Project Fanboy

“People looking for science fiction, especially with a bit of a harder edge, should check this one out.” –Comixtreme

“The reviews have been great, but what I find most satisfying is that the reviewers have recognized Zack’s more subtle, political themes of the series and the bold departure of Kai’s art,” says Long. Adds Sagan, “It’s gratifying that SHRAPNEL is being received so well, and I’m very happy that all the hard work that went into it is shining through.”

SHRAPNEL: ARISTEIA RISING #1 is currently on sale now. To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook.

SHRAPNEL: ARISTEIA RISING #2 goes on sale Feb. 4 with two covers: one by Arthur Suydam (Diamond Code: DEC084205) and one by Gerhard Mozsi (Diamond Code: DEC084206).

SHRAPNEL: ARISTEIA RISING #3 appears in the January 2009 Diamond Previews catalogue, to ship March 2009 with two covers: one by Marek Okon (Diamond Code: JAN094398) and one by Borkur Eiriksson (Diamond Code: JAN094399).

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