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Schwapp Chats About NYCC and Radical Publishing

Kevin Huxford’s site Schwapp!!! had an AIM chat discussion about the news coming from New York Comic Con. Radical Publishing gets a great mention.

So… what is the biggest announcement from the convention, as far as you’re concerned?

Greg (Anderson, of & The Minds of Greg): Me, personally, didn’t care much for announcements going on. Was more excited hearing about the new stuff coming from Radical.

ComicsSchwapp!!!: Any particular project that Radical caught your eye with, Greg?

Greg: Well, there’s FVZA and Ryder on the Storm by David Hine, Hotwire by Steve Pugh, their upcoming Aladdin book, Steve Niles’ City of Dust, new Hercules, Rick Remender’s The Last Days of American Crime, Cholly and Flytrap.

Greg: Seems Radical Comics are literally gonna be knocking stuff out of the park.

Greg: Great writers and just superb art.

What are the top three projects you’re looking forward to that were showcased at NYCC?

Greg: Well, FVZA by Hine, Image United by the original Image dudes, Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost from Radical.

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