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Radical Comics: Caliber #1 (W: Sam Sarkar, A: Garrie Gastonny)

Bob: Thumbs up

John: Thumbs up

“First Canon of Justice, part 1 of 5. I loved this book. The art was gorgeous and the story (transposing the Arthurian legend into the Pacific Northwest) is inspired and totally unlike any other comic I’m reading. At $1.00 a copy, Radical has to be losing money on these (as a promotion to get the line launched). Take them up on their offer and check this book out, you’ll definitely be back for the $2.99 issue next month. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the initial story arc plays out, and I hope Sam Sarkar has additional minis coming after this initial one wraps up, this seems like a conceptual vein that could be mined for great stories for a while.”

Bonus Book! Hercules #1 by Radical Comics (W: Steve Moore, A: Admira Wijaya)

Bob: Thumbs up

John: Thumbs up

The Thracian Wars, part 1 of 5. A fresh take on the Hercules myth. This was just a fun set-up to what promises to be a great action story with lots of sword fighting, intrigue, and violence. I liked the way that Moore set the story up, and while the ending of this issue made perfect sense, it was a still a somewhat unexpected pleasant surprise for me as a reader. This Hercules could be the son of Zeus OR he could just be a really shrewd fighter who knows how to promote his own legend to his best advantage. Nothing super-natural going on in this book so far, just a satisfying start to what promises to be a good action yarn.

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