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AICN Discusses the Radical Creators Panel

“My first real interaction of the day was on my RADICAL PANEL. There were something like 14 writers/artists on that panel. The good folks at Radical wanted me, inexplicably, to moderate the panel. So in preparation for that, I had them send me everything they’d published in their brief 14 months of existence. It resulted in about a foot of reading to do in the 4 days prior to coming to the con. The big debut of the con for them was Nick Simmons’ INCARNATE – which sold out its complete run at Comic Con. But the man I was dying to meet wasn’t a new contributor to the world of comics. It was Jim Steranko. JIM STERANKO. The man that made Nick Fury the coolest fucker on the planet. Jim had no way of knowing this, but his cover of Nick in that spacesuit – my parents reproduced as the ceiling of my playhouse – in exacting detail. I used to lay on the floor and dream of a space bound Nick Fury in that lovely bubble helmet!

I was especially glad to meet Steve Pugh, whose HOTWIRE quickly became my favorite RADICAL title. Based upon Warren Ellis’ story, Pugh adapted the material, painted the comic – and the results are stunning. I’d love to see Kristen Bell as the lead. This is so perfect for her.”


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