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Live Steve Niles Webcast!

September 30th. 6-7 PM (PST)

Radical Comics invites you to a live webcast with Steve Niles, creator of City of Dust!

Go to the web address at 6 P.M. (PST) to log into the official webcast and get the opportunity to have Steve Niles answer your questions about his career and new project City of Dust: A Philip Khrome Story.

“Technology gives Radical a chance to provide fans an opportunity to speak directly with our collaborators,” says Radical Publishing’s President and Publisher Barry Levine. “Steve has earned a dedicated fan base and we’re elated that he made the time to interact with them via our website. It is my hope that this sets a precedent for all of our collaborators and shows fans of our books that Radical Publishing’s first goal is enhancing the experience of our readers.”

City of Dust: A Philip Khrome Story marks Niles’ first major foray into science-fiction. It is the story of Detective Philip Khrome, a cop in a future where stories, religion and imagination are deemed illegal. When a series of brutal murders spreads terror through his jurisdiction, Khrome must track down the source of the violent plague and confront his own doubts about this fragile society.

Fans are urged to visit the Radical Publishing website at to view a countdown clock leading up to the night of the webcast and see pre-release images of the title.

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