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Preview The Last Days of American Crime!

“Though not out until November, THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME is already one of my favorite new comics on the horizon. I’ve been checking out just about everything Rick Remender has been churning out lately. He’s a writer with a strong sense of story and has a no -bullshit way of filling his books to the brim with action. LAST DAYS is Remender’s heist story, and what a heist story it is. Although in this preview the details of said heist are only hinted at, the sense of urgency and dire circumstances pulses from every panel. The cool thing about this story is the sci-fi angle. The government is about to unleash a brainwave mind-modulation thinger which makes it so all of America’s citizens are unable to break the law. The deadline for the mind alteration is closing in, which forces our lead character to push the schedule up for a heist that guarantees he will be happy and loaded for the rest of his life. A winning plot, hard as nails dialog, and art by Greg Tocchini that that packs such a gut punch that you’ll be peeing blood for a week after reading, THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME is what crime comics is all about.”

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