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David Hine Talks FVZA with Comic Book Resources

Steve Sunu recently conducted an interview with David Hine. Hine discusses the origins and mythology of FVZA as well as the experience of working with artist Roy Allan Martinez.

“This October, Radical Comics releases FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency based on the website, with longtime comics scribe David Hine (Spider-Man: Noir) behind the helm. Set in an alternate reality where vampires and zombies have been a part of everyday life for years, the world of FVZA is one of constant danger and duplicity from intelligent vampires who use the zombie and vampire viruses to infect the innocent and attempt to takeover the world.

‘At one time, 300,000 people were infected. After the Civil War, the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency was set up to deal with the problem,’ Hine told CBR. ‘A scientific wing worked on developing a vaccine for the diseases and the military wing hunted down infected survivors. The agency was so successful that by the mid-seventies vampires and zombies were declared extinct and the agency was shut down.’ ”

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