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FVZA Gets A Perfect Grade From Fangoria

FVZA page 3“David Hine writes it like he’s the first writer to chronicle a vampire and zombie, and we need that focus to keep the templates fresh in these overused subgenres of today. Vampires and zombies are everywhere, so of course an initial reaction to the book is with rolling eyes and a large sigh of here we go again. But once you start flipping through the first couple of pages, writer David Hine has you hooked like a blind swordfish. You’re jumping and diving, and trying to get away from it, but dagnammit if you can’t put the book down until the very last page. And with Roy Martinez on art duties along with alluring painters Kinsuh Loh

& Jerry Choo, FVZA is just mesmerizing to the point where the reader feels like they’ve been glamoured by vampire. Every page is just beautiful to look at. Radical Comics continues to churn out great stories with fantastic art, and even adds 24 more pages to the average comic book for full entertainment value. I hate sounding like a salesman, but I just did, and I’m sticking to it. FVZA is THE book to buy for horror fans wanting fresh meat with their vampire fetishes and zombie cravings.

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