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Static Multimedia Gives Hercules: The Knives of Kush 3.5/4 Stars

“The comic is filled with wonderful characters. Moore does a great job representing the mythology while at the same time modernizing the people in the book so the reader can have a better connection with them. I do feel, however, that the dialogue is too contemporary, bringing me slightly out of the story. Overall, the comic is pretty solid. Even though it may feel that the reader goes through a lot in only 25 pages, the pacing is perfect for the story.

The art for this book is very rich in color and detail. Honestly, I don’t enjoy all painted comics, but this one does not disappoint. Cris Bolson does a wonderful job bringing the characters to life. The color palate suits the time period in which the story takes place with more earth tone colors,and the use of shadow and form only help enhance the experience, especially through the very graphic battle scenes.

Fortunately, the reader doesn’t need to be an enthusiast of ancient mythology to enjoy this comic. There are a lot of old names and cities mentioned in the story, but the comic doesn’t read any differently from other action novels. I personally believe that this series has a lot to offer and will most certainly keep the readers excited all the way to the end.”

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