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The Comic Book Bin Gives FVZA #1 an A-

“Hine’s story and script offer hell-raising, pulp fiction fun by mixing horror and science fiction. Hine takes the social context out of the zombie (it’s a metaphor for our… whatever) and adds in more gruesome mayhem, and he rips the romantic gloss off vampires, depicting them as disgusting parasites. Hine is fortunate to have highly-skilled artists visualizing this story in first-rate comic book art. That penciller Roy Allan Martinez is a skilled storyteller is a good thing; that the painted finished art by Kinsun Loh and Jerry Choo gives the story pitch perfect mood is like a million dollar signing bonus.

David Hine could be a breakout star writer, only needing his own Swamp Thing, Animal Man, or The Authority to become a newly born star. FVZA testifies to that.”

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