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Ain’t It Cool News Calls Hercules: The Knives of Kush “Another Great Miniseries”

“Steve Moore continues to tell the more brutal comic book version of the Hercules character. Moore adds what looks to be a lot of research to make

this a genuine account of life in Ancient Egypt. Sure, this occasionally reads like a CONAN story, but the amazing design of the Hercules character by Jim Steranko and the gorgeous artwork by Cris Bolson make this Hercules a version of the character like no other. The first issue of this new miniseries read pretty quick, but the premise of Herc and crew coming into a new land and getting in the middle of a battle between warring nations was somewhat reminiscent of the first miniseries. I was glad to see this issue distinguish itself from the first one by being more of a quest or a mystery for Hercules to solve and highlighting Egyptian mythology. This book continues to live up to the high standard that Radical has set for itself. Another great miniseries.”

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