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Ain’t It Cool News Reviews Incarnate #2

“Issue two of this series proves that Nick Simmons is not only an up and coming artist, he’s also got a pretty hefty bag full of interesting and creative ideas. The Revenant monsters in this story are part vampire, but much, much more. Mot, our lead monster, is captured and forced to work for a secret organization, leashed by a Tingler like object made of Revenant bone (the only thing apparently that can hurt a Revenant). Not sure if I completely understand the motivations of these creatures just yet, but Simmons is keeping how everything fits together pretty close to his vest. Still, he pieces together some great scenes of bloody action and his choice of panel size and shape are incredibly impressive. The vivid and angular panels amplify the intensity of the scenes and Simmons’ manga-influenced art dances around these panels with tumbling grace. There’s a lot of fun to be had in this book. Though some of the pages feel exposition heavy, the story, like most of Radical’s books, is epic in scope and well worth checking out.”

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One Response to Ain’t It Cool News Reviews Incarnate #2

  1. Andrew says:

    I LOVE THIS BOOK/STORY/AND ART.. awesome job and i would love to see more. with a lil bit of promotion you could really make this series take off. i loved it and i would love to see more continuation of this book

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