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Comic Craze Sweeping Hollywood

“… gone are the days when only A-listers like the man of steel could leap to the big screen in a single bound. No one knows that better than Barry Levine, the president and publisher of Radical Publishing. In less than two years, the upstart has attracted such heavy-hitters as Johnny Depp, John Woo, Singer, Peter Berg and the aforementioned Wiseman to properties that range from western to Greek myth to futuristic drama. On-the-rise director Joseph Kosinski has even conceived a comic entitled Oblivion for Radical that he will develop into a film after he’s wrapped work on Tron: Legacy.

Still, for all the hype, Levine stresses the book comes first. “When we approach a concept, the book has to stand on its own. But I’m not an idiot. I didn’t get into this business just to make comic books. I got into this business to be a publisher and this is a four-quadrant entertainment company… The stuff I green light seems to be cinematic. It has an adaptability to it.”

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