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Bleeding Cool Reviews Incarnate #2

“I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. There’s something so refreshing about a comic book by a celebrity that not only does he write, but he draws, as well. And, indeed, draws well.

Nick Simmons takes a classic manga action approach but doesn’t stay within the style associated with that approach in the U.S. market. While he stretches moments out, creating a world and a tone as well as embodying characters with the classic big eyes and pointy noses, he’s not afraid to condense scenes into tiny-panel, heavy word count pages, using melodramatic manga energy to keep pushing the story on. After all, there are scenes of violence, torture and sadism to be getting on with. This is a horror comic.

It’s a merging of styles that suits the comic well, as it follows immortal demons bound to our world, the society that both destroys and wishes to control them, and the machinations within.”

“It’s certainly melodrama but it has a deeper political dimension which holds my interest in a way that, let’s face it, it didn’t actually need to, just to get published. Bravo.”

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