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Comics Waiting Room Reviews FVZA #1

Debuting just before Halloween, FVZA gets another great review, this time from Avril Brown at

“Combining two of the hottest mediums on the pop culture market today, FEDERAL VAMPIRE AND ZOMBIE ASSOCIATION is a unique take on two classic mystical creatures. Ditching the idea of romantic vampires and embracing the concept of becoming the ‘undead’ via a virus rather than unseen mystical force, FVZA is a book overloaded with fresh new horrors.

…There are no cuddly Cullen vampires or witless, wandering zombies to be found in this book. FVZA returns to the horrific roots of two well-known monsters with a story specifically designed to scare the pee out of you. The bleeding eyes and rotting flesh of those infected with the zombie virus are particularly gruesome as Martinez goes into a disturbing amount of detail. The artwork is hauntingly beautiful and the colors are simply breathtaking, and their combined effect make this some of the best art I’ve seen in a comic. Hine has written a dark and suspenseful tale of man versus monster (with some monster versus monster as well), and an interview with him at the end of the book explains a lot about the story and its origins. Nearly fifty pages of awesome, FEDERAL VAMPIRE AND ZOMBIE AGENCY is off to an excellent start.”

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