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Comics And Other Imaginary Tales Gives FVZA #1 an A

“It has been a little while since I have had the chance to feature a book from Radical Comics. One thing I love about this company is you know going in no matter what else you will receive a high quality production. In this case, not only is the presentation top notch but this is the best book I have seen from Radical, which is high praise as I have enjoyed many of their books.

It is funny because I thought that I was pretty well done with any more zombie books, except Walking Dead and outside of 30 Days of Night, vampires were not the stuff of nightmares they used to be. Now after reading this book I can’t wait for issue #2 and I’m hoping this is volume one in a series of mini-series.

…The artwork is gorgeous. Martinez knows how to draw beautiful women, ugly vamps and zombies. His layout and panel design is exciting and dynamic, but never at the expense of his story telling. The painted look is icing to the cake on this book. Martinez has a photo realistic style, but it still has a dynamic and fluid edge to it.

Overall Grade: A. Stunning visuals, an exciting plotline and great writing. Even the undead want to read this book.”

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