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The Comics Waiting Room Takes on Hercules: The Knives of Kush

A great review of the first three issues:

“Hercules is back and badder than ever in his second series, KNIVES OF KUSH, sequel to the fantastic and popular THRACIAN WARS. Steve Moore returns as the writer, bringing the same energy and intrigue he brought to the first series. The artwork has changed hands but lost none of its quality as Bolson delivers beautiful characters and over-the-top blood and gore.

…What more could a comic fan want? Admira Wijaya and Imaginary Friends Studios’ artistic work on the first HERCULES series set a high quality standard for the book, but Bolson does an excellent job in meeting that standard. The characters are lovely and the battle scenes are deliciously graphic as evident in one panel where Hercules’s club smashing a poor soul’s eye right out of the socket. HERCULES: KNIVES OF KUSH is thus far a worthy sequel to an excellent introductory series.”

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