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The Nilskidoo Blog Explains Why You Should Pick Up Hercules: The Knives of Kush #3

Former editor, Richard Caldwell reviews the latest issue of Hercules: The Knives of Kush and shares his verdict below.

“…Hercules: The Knives of Kush delivers more meat than many of the books from the larger publishers out this month. Moore writes like a pulp serial gone mad on speed, allowing the action to move the story in breakneck fashion. So much happens in these issues, the flow is fantastic to digest. Page turner, all the way. Bolson displays the dynamic realism of the battlefield in such a manner that every single page is incredibly atmospheric and dense. Limbs are forcefully removed, faces are ripped off by clubs, and enough thought is put into all of it so that afterwords the victors slump a bit, their world seeming all the more brutally real for the reader. And the ethnic and cultural differences are observed well by the raiment, etc., meaning actual research went into the production of this comic! The Egyptian women especially are easy on the eyes. Very solid stuff, and all of it brought home by Sirois, whose palette infuses every frame with ghostly auras of soul. I know most colouring is handled digitally nowadays, but so many of the scenes in these issues were like gorgeous watercolor paintings. This art is beautiful, really beautiful. I want to see Bolson and Sirois work together again after this story wraps.

Thus far, this mini should greatly appeal to fans of sword and sorcery, fantasy genre materials. The plot is carried very constructively well, and the characters have great banter. And the art, like with many of the Radical books I have seen, is of an insane level of quality. However, the fights and sexual innuendos are all a bit expressive at times, so if you are looking for something with which to win over your stodgy fundamentalist grandmama then this might not be it. But if you like smart, action-rich adventure, then, by the gods, hunt down copies today.

In all seriousness, Radical gives damn good comic. Check them out now.”

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