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Ain’t It Cool News Reviews FVZA #1


Yet another rave review for FVZA #1, on sale now! Don’t forget to pick up a copy at your local comic shop!

“This review is biased.

Even before reading one word about the FEDERAL VAMPIRE AND ZOMBIE AGENCY (FVZA), a clandestine government agency that protects all of us normal folks from the dark forces of vampires and zombies, I was already in love with this book. You see, I’m a painted picture whore. Even on their worst days, the stylings of Alex Ross type artists make me coo, gurgle and drool like a toddler looking at a jingling set of car keys. Perhaps it’s an appreciation for the painstaking time it takes to craft these images, which Martinez does. Perhaps it’s the insane level of detail that seems to go into every scene from backgrounds to facial expressions, which Martinez does in spades. Perhaps I’m just easily amused, and again Martinez kept my eyeballs bathed in painted joy. Regardless of the reasons, when I saw the first panel of FVZA with a young nubile Kate Beckinsale-type heroine decked out in leather holding her Grandfather at gun point I was hooked…

…This was a great firs

t issue and I actually find myself a bit sad that FVZA is only slated to be a three issue miniseries. There’s a hell of a lot of fodder in this book for an ongoing series. Simply by giving zombies self awareness, Hine could craft a powerful army of the undead; zombies ruling the day while vampires control the night. It would require arbitration and the formation of a political structure the world has never seen. And once all the humans are slaves is when the fun could really start. I think by the simple fact I’m speculating the future of this title is a strong testament to this being an engrossing and (don’t forget) visually beautiful first issue.”

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