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David Hine Interview with Comic Monsters

Comic Monsters’ The Big Bad Wolf talks FVZA with David Hine:

The Big Bad Wolf: What can we expect from this book in terms of blood and guts?

David Hine: Buckets of blood and gore. I’ve worked very hard to build interesting characters and have a very solid plot going with lots of twists and character development but I know that no fan of the genres will be happy without some serious blood-letting and zombie squishing. Roy Martinez is a master of the grotesque horror scene. He totally adores zombies in a fetishistic and troubling way and he has really gone to town on the horror scenes. There will be blood, and brains and guts, limbs will be severed, heads will roll…

The Big Bad Wolf: What has been the best thing so far about writing this book?

David Hine: The chance to develop a whole alternative mythology, not from scratch because the web site provided the background and that is very useful to go to as a text when I need to know historical or scientific detail. But this does feel like virgin territory. An awful lot of my professional work is on established characters, whether at Marvel and DC or for the three years I wrote Spawn. That can be limiting because of the mass of material already in existence. Here I feel like it’s all fresh and exciting. I also of course, have a great love for the vampire and zombie genres. I’m enjoying contributing to the festering body of Undead Fiction.

The Big Bad Wolf: In closing, what would you like to say to our readers about FVZA?

David Hine: I’m going to be perfectly objective about this. FVZA is the greatest vampire and zombie comic ever


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