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Newsarama Interviews FVZA Writer David Hine

Interview with FVZA‘s writer David Hine featured in Newsarama:

“Whether it’s the DEA, the ATF, or the CIA, the government has many alphabetized avenues to deal with any threat. Whether it’s been through stealth or by force, Uncle Sam has always felt he’s had the tools to combat any foe… but when the threat are bared fangs, weaponized infection, and immortal bloodlusters — that’s right, we’re talking about vampires and zombies — an old agency has to return from the shadows: FVZA, the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency.

The Agency, based on the cult alternate history web site of the same name, examines a world where the epidemic of the century isn’t swine flu or HIV, but vampirism and zombieism. With the first issue of this series being released by Radical Comics on Wednesday, Newsarama sat down with series writer David Hine on the return of Hugo Pecos, the mythology of the FVZA, and his favorite undead attack of all time.”

Click the image below to view this interview.

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