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A Radical Interpretation of Aladdin

Newsarama interviews multiple Eisner nominated writer, Ian Edginton, on ALADDIN: LEGACY OF THE LOST

“You’ve heard of the story of Aladdin, but never like this.

Radical Comics’ is taking the legend of Ala ad-Din – better known as Aladdin – to a whole new level. In the upcoming miniseries Aladdin, writer Ian Edginton and artists Patrick Reilly and Stjepan Sejic take the story of a street-dwelling thief to a deeper and darker place than he’s ever been before.

This ain’t Disney.

In this new take on the legend of Aladdin, the titular character is a thief, gambler, liar and cheat. Wasting away recklessly, he’s easy pray for a mage known as Qassim who wants his blood to finish an ancient rite to attain the power of the mystical Djinn who resides in a magic lamp. Aladdin knows nothing of his blood’s power or the birthright it gives him, and he’s got the short end of the stick if he hopes to resist Qassim and find out the truth.

Aladdin is the latest in a series of fully painted miniseries put out by Radical, and we talked with series writer Ian Edginton about the book which is scheduled to debut in early 2010.”


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