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Edginton Ignites “Aladdin’s” Lamp

Ian Edginton talks ALADDIN: LEGACY OF THE LOST with Steve Sunu on Comic Book Resources

“Next year, Radical Publishing brings new life to the story of Aladdin – but this isn’t the music-filled movie of your childhood. “Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost” puts forth a new take on an old classic, turning it into a great, thundering sword and sorcery epic. CBR News spoke with writer Ian Edginton (“Stormwatch: Post Human Division”) about the newest chapter of Aladdin’s adventures and why the famous thief might want to be careful for what he wishes for this time around.

When Edginton was presented the chance to re-introduce Aladdin to a new generation, he jumped at the offer. ‘It was too good an opportunity to miss,’ the writer told CBR News. ‘It’s a subject that’s never really been explored or developed to the full extent that it could be. We’ve had pirate movies, Viking movies, even full-on, fully fledged fantasy movies in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, but the ‘Arabian Nights,’ and by extension Aladdin, one of the core sources of the fantasy genre, has been overlooked for years. Now, I know there’s supposed to be a Sinbad movie in the works for next year, and of course there’s ‘Prince of Persia,’ but on the whole, the subject has been left shamefully fallow.

… Also, because the original stories and characters are so well-known – or rather people think they know them – I had to make a conscious effort to stop them from slipping back into cliches. There are no black hats and white hats here, it’s more to do with shades of grey. Even heroes make bad judgments sometimes, and even villains have the potential to be heroic.’

Right now, Edginton is most excited for this adventure in legend to hit the stands. “I’m generalizing, I know, but in an industry that’s dominated by spandex, the opportunities to create, no less publish, a swashbuckling adventure are few and far between,” he says. “I have to give credit and kudos to Radical for going with Aladdin.”

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