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MANIA Exclusive: Remender Plots American Crime

A 3-part MANIA exclusive interview with THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME’s Rick Remender

PART I: “Few comics creators have enjoyed such a meteoric rise to prominence as Rick Remender. In spite of establishing himself early on as both a writer and an artist, it wasn’t that long ago that he was primarily thought of as an inker on Marvel’s Avengers comics. Then, in 2005 the Remender revolution began. He reasserted himself as a creator, launching a fleet of creator owned books such as Sea of Red, Strange Girl and Fear Agent to name a few.

And last week, we reported that his latest effort was set to be adapted as a film with Remender writing the screenplay and actor Sam Worthington starring and producing. Remender talked exclusively with Mania about this exciting new comic from Radical Publishing called The Last Days of American Crime.”

PART II: “Yesterday we presented part one of our interview with comics creator Rick Remender, who talked about his upcoming Radical Comics title The Last Days of American Crime.

The book is set in a near-future America which has been thrown into chaos over the news that the government is unleashing a mind-control device on its citizens that will prevent anyone from breaking the law. That’s bad news to career criminal Graham Bricke, who has been planning a heist with a score that will offer him easy retirement. Bricke is forced to accelerate the timetable for his his scheme, and bring in an untested crew, including a not-to-be trusted Kevin Cash.

Radical Publishing is working on a very unique model, developing their comics simultaneously as film and TV projects, and including the comics creators in those other media ventures. In the previous interview, Remender told us about the book (due in stores in just a few weeks). In this installment he talks about the film prospects for The Last Days of American Crime.”

PART III: “Earlier in the week comics creator Rick Remender gave us the scoop on his new comic The Last Days of American Crime. In part two of our interview, Remender told us about developing the film version of that comic.

Of course, the prolific writer has a great many comics projects out there, all or which are attracting attention in Hollywood. We conclude our exclusive interview with talk of the film versions of Fear Agent, Sorrow and XXXombies to name a few. He also talks about next year’s return of the Fear Agent comics.”

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