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War of the Fairy Tales in LEGENDS

Creator, writer and illustrator of LEGENDS: THE ENCHANTED Nick Percival talks with Chris Arrant of Newsarama

“There are these stories that have been passed down through generation – first as oral stories told around campfires and candlelight, and then transcribed to the written form. They are stories about fairies, goblins, princesses, trolls, talking animals and magic. Intended not only for children, these stories were partly to pass the time but also to learn morals and safety from the community, such as the Cry Wolf story.

But in modern times, these fairy tales have been regelated to the light all-ages arena, and while some of those can be entertaining — few retain the dark elements they had in their earlier incarnations. But in the upcoming Radical Publishing series Legends: The Enchanted, these fairy tales get their edge back.

The Enchanted are the supernatural immortals such as Pinocchio, the Red Hood, the giant killer Jack, Goldilox. These aren’t the children’s storybook versions, but dark reimaginations made of steampunk and dark magic. In this miniseries, the murder of one of their own pulls together the group to find (and fight) the murderer in the ever-changing world.

The miniseries comes by way of European artist Nick Percival, who has worked extensively for 2000AD as well as Marvel’s recent Dead of Night miniseries. But now Percival comes into his own writing and drawing this lush and bloody tale. For more, we talked to Percival by email from his home in England.”



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