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Comics Waiting Room Reviews Hercules: The Knives of Kush #4, #5

“The final two issues of the second Radical story arc starring the Greek demi-god Hercules and his merry band of mercenaries offers plenty of battles, blood and back-stabbing. A satisfying conclusion in a popular and bottomless series gives a sense of closure for that particular story arc while leaving the characters free for another money-making sequel, and HERCULES: KoK delivers such an ending.

…Moore has once again authored a comic surrounding the adventures of one of the most famous Greeks to grace mythology, and once again he has proved himself worthy of accolades. Blood, sex, money and war comprise the general theme of KNIVES OF KUSH, which would make any Greek poet proud. Moore remains true to the template he established for all of his main characters while also throwing in exciting new faces and scenery, and though lacking the volume of dark humor the first series boasted (Tydeus is sorely missed), he does make a point to includes comedic bits which keeps things light. Bolson’s artwork is absolutely magnificent, making each blood-splattered battle scene just as beautiful as the faces of the Royal Wives. Definitely campy and at times somewhat cheesy, HERCULES is a series for those looking for an action-packed good time with a bit of something for everyone, and fans of the first series should not miss this next great adventure of Hercules and colorful crew.”


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