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Comixtreme Gives FVZA #2 A 4.5/5

“These are extra long issues, as Radical has a tendency to put out supersized comics, but I almost didn’t realize that while reading this. That is a compliment, as I was so carried away by the story, it could have been any length. And while the ending twist is logical and easy to see coming, it was still a wonderful ‘holy crap’ moment that many explain why Grandfather has been so obsessed with teaching Landra and Vidal how to kill vampires and zombies.

….The art continues to be wonderful, creepy and grotesque in the best ways possible, although the softly painted humans do look a little plastic at times. But who cares, because the undead scenes look so damn good I’m willing to forgive everything else. The scene with the zombie mom managed to be disgusting and touching at the same time, and that takes a special kind of talent to pull that off.

This miniseries is just kicking my butt. This is great stuff, and if you’re not reading it, you’re a sorry sack of poo. Coming out this Wednesday (January 6th 2010), it is highly recommended.”

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