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Hypergeek Gives FVZA #2 4.5/5 Stars

“Much of the first issue was spent reviewing the history of Vampire-ism and Zombie-ism within the world of the story (as outlined on, and introducing readers to the main characters. With the groundwork of the story laid, David Hine now spends time developing the characters we met in the first issue, and creates a great plot that goes beyond the realm of what we already know from the FVZA website. The plot is much more nuanced than outlined above, and Hine also introduces an interesting subplot involving two of the humans that Mandrake converted, which explores whether the bond of love survives when the lovers no longer need their hearts. Its really great stuff, and Hine executes in wonderfully, with strong dialogue, realistic characters, a suspenseful plot, and a twist at the end that will surprise even long-time fans of the FVZA world!

The artwork on this issue by both Roy Allan Martinez and Wayne Nichols, and has a very detailed photorealistic look to it, that really helps bring this alternate version of America to life. Their Vampires are horrific, with their grey skin, and their hair falling out in lumps; and their zombies are utterly gruesome, with their rotting flesh, and their empty, soulless eyes. It’s great artwork, with fantastic composition and style.

FVZA #2 is a really strong follow-up to a brilliant debut issue. This series has brought the world of the FVZA website to life, with a gripping, original tale that really keeps readers on the edge of their seats! I recommend this comic to all fans of the macabre, it’s by far the best horror comic on the shelves.”



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