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Stellar Review of Hercules: The Knives of Kush #5

“…This has all the elements that make a conclusion an exciting read. All the pieces are in place and the writer Steve Moore dives straight into the action. The issue opens with Hercules waking up from complete unconsciousness in the center of the battlefield. Then the fun begins!

It is this pacing that I found so enjoyable. Subplots are woven into major conclusions so as not to disrupt the flow. Plus the layout works perfect for this story. Plot elements are discussed in small panels that over lay the large central panel. It is a technique often used, but here it creates a true effect on the reader by drawing focus into the large action panel in the middle of the page.

The artwork of Cris Bolson, Manuel Silva and Leonardo Silva are perfect for this type of story. An example is the body types which are fitting for the tale. The only truly larger than life person is Hercules himself, which visually shows off his legendary status. The coloring of Doug Sirois and Cliff Cramp match the artist’s world view; clean, reality based, and not lost in detail. The artwork made this an excitingly enjoyable read where others might have taken a different approach and lost their readers by showing off their skills in minutia.

Also, the book treats its conclusions with enough drama without falling into camp. One important way they accomplish this is the wonderful effect of body posturing. The power and intensity of the heroes, the regret and shame of the villains, are all conveyed fantastically, to the point that one could even remove the dialogue.”


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