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Ain’t It Cool News Reviews LEGENDS: THE ENCHANTED #0

“The first thing I have to call out on this book is the art. Man, that is some bea-utiful painted artwork. Creator Nick Percival has really got the goods. LEGENDS: THE ENCHANTED really is visually fantastic. I don’t think I’ve see artwork this remarkable outside of a European graphic novel. It’s really that good. I’m impressed. Pretty much out of the gate, from cover to back page Nick Percival has presented a painted world of grimy glory. LEGENDS: THE ENCHANTED is worth picking up for the artwork alone. This is the work of a real pro.

But as we all know art is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to graphic storytelling. Not to worry. Percival adds to the quality of LEGENDS: THE ENCHANTED by providing an interesting narrative to back up his stunning artwork. The story itself is pretty standard stuff for comicdom: A lone drifter with a chip on his shoulder walking the land righting wrongs. There’s really not much new about that… but the world that Percival is able to flesh out with both his writing and artwork is a fantastic place of fairy tale characters gone wrong in some mad apocalyptic wasteland. It’s basically MAD MAX meets FABLES. Actually that might be a bit too simplistic a comparison, as it seems as if Percival has crafted something uniquely bizarre with LEGENDS. This is something new, something fresh and most of all… something unique. To offer it up as just a copy of something else is to do it a disservice. Trust me when I say that in the pages of LEGENDS: THE ENCHANTED Radical Comics has given me a glimpse of a new and freakish world that I’ll be excited to visit again.

The best thing about LEGENDS: THE ENCHANTED however is the price. At a measly one dollar, LEGENDS is more than worth its weight in gold. Sure, this first issue is just a primer for a hardcover graphic novel coming out in March, but it’s still a great deal for a book that’s brimming with quality like this one is.”

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