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Richard Vasseur Interviews Nick Percival

Rich: Why did you decide to create “Legends”?

Nick: Legends: The Enchanted contains a lot of themes and ideas that I’ve wanted to explore for a long time both in the storyline and visuals. Classic fairytales and folklore have always been a strong interest of mine but I also wanted to create a dark, compelling tale of my own where I could use characters from these fairytales that everyone would be familiar with and then revamp them, give them a new look and style and introduce a threat that would bring them all together in a unique adventure.

Rich: What genre is “Legends”?

Nick: I think it’s a real mix of action, urban fantasy and horror with some healthy dark humor thrown in for good measure.

Rich: Who are the Enchanted?

Nick: The Enchanted are a fragmented group of powerful characters whose origins are taken from the classic fairytale stories. Imagine the X-Men but inspired by the Brothers Grimm and then given a twisted, gritty polish with horror spiked battery acid. These characters exist as vigilantes, outlaws, bounty hunters, warriors and such trying to get on with their lives in a dangerous creature infested world. Using their wits, super-natural powers and customized weaponry, they discover that someone (or something) has found a way to break through their mystic immortality and started hunting them down, killing them one by one, beginning with the murder of Pinocchio – a powerful warrior man built from bionics, muscle and wood.”

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