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The Nilskidoo Blog reviews LEGENDS: THE ENCHANTED #0

“The art is dreamy-good. Percival clearly summoning the likes of HR Giger and Simon Bisley, and does them both one up by telling a cohesive story, something less like a bad acid trip and more like someone just hitting away at your cerebral cortex with a steam-powered sledgehammer. These characters are sexy, they are savage, they are gloriously wicked. Entirely too much personality to be relegated under the label of anti-hero, this is aesthetically warped on more imaginative fronts than merely that. These Enchanted are not just the kids trying to reclaim their innocence in the confusing face of fastly approaching post-pubescence, they are exotic old warhorses in an unreal world, as bloodthirsty as they need to be in battling these insane things in the dark. The pages of this comic are full of their very own kind of life. Just the idea of Magic Beans as a drug of choice, and the crazy visuals that stem (pun intended) from that…

Percival is excitingly genius here. Really good. Buy this book so he will be obliged to make more of the same.”

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