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Diamond’s Previews Preorders Showcases Earp

Wyatt Earp Polices Lawless Las Vegas In Radical’s New Series

Wyatt Earp. The name conjures a vision of a legendary lawman, who brought justice to the unruly frontier of the Old West. Those days have passed into the dust of history, and this May a new generation and a new lawlessness calls out for justice as only the classic lawman can deliver as Radical Publishing’s Earp: Saints for Sinners #0 (MAR101123F) debuts with a special preview issue at a special introductory price of $1!

In the near future, the United States’ economy has collapsed. The Great Recession, as politicians and pundits label the economic malaise that has affected the world since the summer of 2008, is nothing compared to a return to the economic distress of the Great Depression. Millions out of work. Currency devalued. Honest work is difficult to come by. Crime is rampant. Wyatt Earp, a lawman for these harrowing times, has turned his back on his calling; the loss of his brother leads him to seek solace in the hedonistic metropolis of Las Vegas. But no one can truly escape their past, and Wyatt Earp is no different. A different time, a different city, but the same vice, the same corruption.

Matt Cirulnick, David Manpearl, M. Zachary Sherman, and Matt Chater reimagine the 19th-century United States Marshall as a lawman for the 21st century in their new series, and Sin City will never be the same! Plus, Earp: Saints for Sinners #0 provides 32 pages of near-future Western action at an attractive, low price point that makes it a winning bet for readers’ dollars.

Radical Publishing has been one of the industry’s leaders in developing a synergy between comics and Hollywood, and retailers can be sure that Earp, like previous Radical offerings such as Caliber and The Last Days of American Crime, will garner Hollywood attention, media buzz, and consumer interest. Stock up on this low-priced introductory comic and send your customers into the anarchic frontier of the New West.

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