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Radical Among Best Publishers in AICN’s Year End Comic Awards

“OK, this was a hard category for me to choose a winner. Sorry to say it, but DC and Marvel cancel each other out and cancel themselves out. Both companies make fantastic books, but they are bloated beasts, diluting their product with spin offs and events and specials. Every time I like a book by one of the Big Two, I’m reminded about price hikes, delayed books, mismanaged projects… all of the things the @$$holes complain about each and every week. Radical Comics, on the other hand, may be a new kid to the block, but it’s a company that I think will have legs. By far, Radical has the most consistently beautiful artwork on the stands today. Check out Steve Pugh’s gorgeous HOTWIRE. Or Roy Allan Martinez’s mesmerizing FVZA. Or the art on SHRAPNEL or HERCULES or THE LAST DAYS OF AMERICAN CRIME or just about anything else Radical has to offer. And I haven’t even mentioned the utterly original stories from top writers like Rick Remender, Steve Niles, David Hine, Steve Pugh, and so on and so on. Plus they are allowed to go full-sack ballz out with the swears, the action, the themes, and the tone, something the Big Two aren’t allowed to do. While other comics companies are cancelling each other out telling the same capes and tights stories over and over, Radical brings something original and different to the table. For that reason, the bold stories, the vibrant artwork, and the sheer enthusiasm they have for every one of their products, Radical is the company that deserves best publisher this year.”

- Ambush Bug

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