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Broken Frontier, OmniComic Review Aladdin #2

“Edginton has once again created an action packed issue, especially in the second half. With the older mentor and young, but eager adventurer taking on deadly beasts on a life and death (and love) adventure, this is an unashamedly, old-school swashbuckling tale. Reilly’s more subdued earthen art works splendidly in the more grounded scenes of the first few pages, while Sejic lets loose in the bulk of the book with sweeping vistas and larger than life battles.”

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“Ian Edginton continues to do writing duties while Stjepan Sejic and Patrick Reilly’s illustrations are phenomenal (the lettering by Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt is also awesome). It’s really hard to critique the story considering it’s a timeless tale, but I like the liberties that Radical is taking with it.”

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