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Fangoria Sinks its Teeth into Aladdin #2 and FVZA #3

“The first book was written by Ian Edginton and illustrated by Patrick Reilly, and the second was drawn by Stjepan Sejic. Putting two artists on one miniseries might seem to be an odd decision that would throw readers off, yet Reilly and Sejic (who will encore the third installment) seem to complement each other with a nice contrast. Reilly conveys a great sense of motion and movement while Sejic brings almost a romantic element, posing the subject in a form resembling a religious painting, with vibrant colors and toney drama. Edginton has a long résumé in the fantasy genre and hits the nail on the head, with dialogue devoid of too much cumbersome backstory along with multiple flashbacks that would prove a daunting task for anyone with less experience. Full of cliffhangers, eerie sequences of suspense and bloody swordplay, this is intelligent fare—and certainly not for children.”

Click here to see the full review on Fangoria or click here to purchase your own copy of Aladdin – Legacy of the Lost Issue #2.

“Writer David Hine once again does an excellent job of combining different genres and adding fantastic character detail, while creating a fictitious historical period where zombie or vampire outbreaks occur at random. Artist Roy Allan Martinez also deserves a pat on the back for his filmlike panel compositions, tones, lighting and shadowing. His work contributes so much to the overall feel that, at times, you forget that you’re looking at sketches and reading text. You just immerse yourself.”

Click here to view the full review on Fangoria or click here to purchase your own copy of FVZA: Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, issue #3.

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