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Philadelphia Daily News Praises Radical and Aladdin

“With the debut issue of Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost, it’s clear Radical is becoming to comics what James Cameron is to movies. In short, Radical is using the best production values and technology available to tell simple stories on a grand scale and is raising the bar of an entire medium while doing so.

In addition to a breathtaking story, writer Ian Edgington is so skilled at dialogue that he enables us to know each character with a single word balloon and gives both Aladdin and Qasim great depths for readers to explore.

The art by Patrick Reilly is out of this world. Cinematic doesn’t begin to describe it. From the different emotions shown in Aladdin’s facial expressions to well- choreographed fight scenes to having the reader feel a real sense of terror at the threats unleashed by Qasim, a reader couldn’t ask for much more.”

Read the full review here and order an issue for yourself from the Radical shop.

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